Photos that are as you unique as you

All About You

Our time together is all about YOU. YOUR skill set, YOUR strengths, YOUR personality. There will be no comparing to anyone else other than yourself. When we are creating together, it HAS to be fun. You're probably going to hear me asking you "are you having fun?" many times during our shoot. You know your body and ability best, so I will be relying on you to show and tell me what you are capable of. I will encourage you. I will push you, but I will also watch out for your well-being. I really work hard to make sure that we have a positive, fun, and wonderful time creating together!

"I always say my biggest competitor is myself because, whenever I step out there on the mat, I'm competing against myself to prove that I can do this and that I am very well trained, prepared for it."

—Simone Biles

Celebrate Your Teen

From tween to senior year and after!

Your baby isn't a baby anymore, and in a blink, they'll be a grown up. Capturing as much of this fleeting time with them as possible is one of the most important investments you could ever make!

Some favorite and most valued sessions my clients have had with me have been milestone sessions leading up to senior year (like Lexi's 13th birthday session, pictured here).

You'll not only have beautiful pictures, you'll also have fabulous memories together while taking them!

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I love mixing dance and gymnastics with a variety of locations and backgrounds. Dancers and gymnasts from all over the country have created with me here in Chicago. YES! I do travel, too!

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Show off what makes you... well, you!

Cap and Gown


Don't forget about cap and gown sessions!

I offer abbreviated session options, as well as group rates when at least 10 graduates register. For schools, contact me today on how to make cap and gown sessions a fundraiser!

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Sessions with Animals

I would love to include your favorite animal friend in your session!


Solo sessions - FAQ

How much $?

A.My typical teen session investment are $750-$1500. Some clients opt to spend a bit more by opting to purchase heirloom items like wall art and piano boxes. Others stick to the minimum by opting for gift prints and small keepsake items (minimum investment plus session fees are around $500).
Think of it this way: plan on investing about as much per year as you would spend on at least 3-5 crafted beverages a week from a certain name brand coffee shop on each session.

New beginning in 2023: prior to our shoot, you must either choose a print / digital collection, or pre-pay a minimum purchase amount.

What about the digitals?

A.I encourage everyone who creates with me to focus on their absolute favorite images we've captured together. From there, creating prints is SO important to me, that I've intentionally priced digital image files fairly high. This is to discourage simply buying the digitals. Since archiving is also something I truly believe in, after prints have been chosen and purchased, I do offer digital images at a lower cost.

How do we figure out what location to choose?

A.Here's the beautiful thing: we can go just about anywhere for your session! I have so many ideas from urban to nature, indoor and out. We'll chat things out, and decide on which location is best for your personality!

What happens if a location charges a fee?

A.All location fees are your responsibility to pay for in addition to your session fee.

My tween/teen loves a certain sport or activity. Do you ever take pictures that incorporate these things?

A.I LOVE capturing athletes, musicians, scholars and all things that tell a story of who your teen / tween is! One of my specialties is movement (dance and gymnastics) photography!

If you have a specific sport, instrument, or anything else you'd like for me to capture, bring your idea my way! I'd love to come up with something unique together!

Do you offer mini sessions?

A.YES! I offer abbreviated sessions (weekdays at certain select locations), as well as mini session at ANY location for those willing to organize a group of at least 5 participants/families. Abbreviated/mini collections start at $250.

Does a parent / guardian need to be present?

A.Any participant under the age of 18 MUST have a parent or guardian present. All communication must be with that parent/guardian. Also, contracts and payment must be between my studio and that parent/guardian.

I am VERY protective of my young clients, and want to be sure ours is a safe and parentally involved environment.

Where are you located, and do you travel?

A.I'm located in the suburbs of Chicago, near Schaumburg. I travel ANYWHERE! (please note, there may be travel and location fees)

Sessions With Friends

“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” — Muhammad Ali

Host a mini session Day (or more than one!) with your friends!


• Gather a group of 5 or more participants, including yourself. Sessions all must take place on the same day, at the same location, and during the same timeframe.

• Choose a location for your photo session - I can happily offer suggestions! (location fees, if any, will be equally divided among participants)

• All participants will also receive a free 5x7 luxe print of their favorite friends group image!

Cost per Participant:

• Fees vary based on number of participants, location fees (if any), day of the week (weekends add a premium fee), and the option (product inclusions) each person chooses.

• Each participant must choose a print collection or pre-pay for an a-la-carte option.

• Minis range in time permitted based on option selected, but begin with 15 minutes of photo time PLUS 15 minutes group session time. Additional solo and group time can be added.

• Mini sessions start as low as $199* per participant / family

* lowest price for a weekday session with at least 5 participants, not including location fees, if any. Participants DO have an additional $150 purchase requirement each.


• Mini session days are a great way to have your images captured at a location that otherwise might be too costly to host your one-to-one (solo) session.

• Friends add an indescribable energy to your session! They also give you ideas and tips for posing, dressing, and more!

• Special pricing for everyone who participates! While mini sessions aren't the same individualized experience as a one-to-one session, they DO have the same image and product quality!

• Mini sessions are a great way to experience creating together with me

What you'll earn as a host:

• A $100 print credit when you gather a group of 5 or more participants

• Ambassador status and an additional $100 print credit when your group is 10 or more, or when you organize two sessions in a year.

• A $500 print credit AND a $500 session credit when you organize 3 mini sessions with 5 or more participants in one calendar year (think special locations, holidays, activities / clubs / sports, or seasonal themes!)

Mini Sessions With Friends FAQ

Do we have to do group shots? And if we don't, what happens to the free 5x7 luxe print?

Are sessions indoor or outdoor?

What clothing and hairstyle should we prepare for?

What can we expect as far as taking turns during a mini session day?

We would LOVE to have one or more mini session days out of state or our of country - do you travel?

Mini Sessions With Friends FAQ

Do we have to do group shots? And if we don't, what happens to the free 5x7 luxe print?

No, you do not have to do group photos if everyone collectively opts out. Each participant would forfeit their free 5x7 luxe print, as it is meant to be a keepsake without the pressure of purchasing group images. The cost of each session would remain the same regardless of whether or not we capture group images.

Are sessions indoor or outdoor?

They can take place anywhere you'd like! If you need help suggesting or discovering locations, I'd be delighted to help!

What clothing and hairstyle should we prepare for?

• I recommend wearing one main outfit, and bringing layers such as sweaters, jackets, vests, scarfs, tees and other articles of clothing that can be swapped out quickly.
• Accessorize! Bring different pieces of jewelry, purses, sunglasses, shoe options, and more!
• Choose a color family (cool or warm) and mix with neutrals for your group portrait. For most sessions, there will be time allowed so that participants may change clothing for group images.
• Avoid busy prints on your clothing, unless your athlete has a particular love for the print.
• Bring an option to pull your hair back if you'd like a fast updo!
• Come prepared with your makeup, brushes, hairspray, mirror(s) and any other beauty products you may need to look your best.
• If you're not sure, just ask! I live by the motto: it's better to be over-prepared than to have forgotten something.

What can we expect as far as taking turns during a mini session day?

Mini sessions can either be in sequence (one at a time) or in the round (meaning we divide each person's time equally).

When you opt to do turns in the round, each person's time in front of the camera will be timed based on the inclusion they select. Multiple 'backdrops' within the location will be used. This allows for participants to encourage and inspire one another, and also for everyone to rest between turns, and to QUICKLY change looks.

Please note that camera time could be reduced slightly to accommodate relocating to each photo spot at your mini session day location. We will collectively talk about all of that prior to our photo day!

We would LOVE to have one or more mini session days out of state or our of country - do you travel?

I do! Please contact me for more information on this!

Photo Products

Capturing and viewing the images we create together is only half of the art. Finish and enjoy what we have created with wall art and prints that you will enjoy for a lifetime!

Photo Products

Canvas Prints

Acrylic Prints

Fine Art Print

Italian Books

Piano Box

and piano box prints

Digital Archiving

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