Gymnastics was my first love. It was my sport and my obsession as a tween and teen. Unfortunately, it is also trying on the body, and tough on the wallet... so I had to say goodbye just as I was getting started. I never imagined I would get to revisit my sport later in life (I'm an adult gymnast AND I take pictures of athletes!!), and partner two of my loves! More than that, I found a new love while pursuing gymnastics: Dance! You guys! I am LOVING creating with all of my gymnasts and dancers, and have even begun creating with cheerleaders and other athletes!

The body is amazing, isn't it? Having been an athlete, I know how hard each of you work on your bodies and on your abilities. I also know how fleeting the height of your talent is. Let's capture what you can do together!

"I always say my biggest competitor is myself because, whenever I step out there on the mat, I'm competing against myself to prove that I can do this and that I am very well trained, prepared for it."

—Simone Biles


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All About You

Our time together is all about YOU. YOUR skill set, YOUR strengths, YOUR personality. There will be no comparing to anyone else other than yourself. When we are creating together, it HAS to be fun. You're probably going to hear me asking you "are you having fun?" many times during our shoot. You know your body and ability best, so I will be relying on you to show and tell me what you are capable of. I will encourage you. I will push you, but I will also watch out for your well-being. I really work hard to make sure that we have a positive, fun, and wonderful time creating together!


I love mixing dance and gymnastics with a variety of locations and backgrounds. Dancers and gymnasts from all over the country have created with me here in Chicago. YES! I do travel, too!

Ready to book a session?

Dancer Headshots, PR images, and Audition posed Images

Editorial Sessions

This is the most creative and unique of all of my session offerings. It is a way for us to combine both of our art forms to create a piece of art for you to look back on always! Editorial sessions bring aspects of a fashion shoot to bring your creative concept to life. Hair, makeup, wardrobe, location. Finish the process with one of my framed canvases for your home! This is the most unique way to capture this time in your life, and to create something truly one-of-a-kind. What do you want to create?


How do we figure out what location to choose?

A.Here's the beautiful thing: we can go just about anywhere for your session! I have so many ideas from urban to nature, indoor and out. We'll chat things out, and decide on which location is best for your personality!

What happens if a location charges a fee?

A.All location fees are your responsibility to pay for in addition to your session fee.

What is included in my session fee?

A.Session fees cover our time together, basic image preparation, and a private online gallery. All print products and digital image files are additional. For the best value, I highly encourage each of my clients to invest in one of my collections.

Do you offer mini sessions?

A.YES! I create mini sessions from time to time, and post them on social media.

You can also create your own mini session! Want to earn your mini for free? Simply create a group of 6 or more, including yourself. We can even work in any location fees into the cost.

For more information on minis, simply ask!

My athlete is a minor. Do I need to be present for their session?

A.Any participant under the age of 18 MUST have a parent or guardian present. All communication must be with that parent/guardian. Also, contracts and payment must be between my studio and that parent/guardian.

I am VERY protective of my young clients, and want to be sure ours is a safe and parentally involved environment.

What about the digitals?

A.I encourage everyone who creates with me to focus on their absolute favorite images we've captured together. From there, creating prints is SO important to me, that I've intentionally priced digital image files fairly high. This is to discourage simply buying the digitals. Since archiving is also something I truly believe in, after prints have been chosen and purchased, I do offer digital images at a lower cost.


Oh... these are my favorite sessions, and ones that I receive the most requests for! Powder sessions are available in one of two ways:

Special covid related note:

Due to the pandemic, powder sessions are indefinitely unavailable. Please feel welcome to inquire about the status at any time.

Host A Powder Session

Simply organize a group of at least 6 participants, and host the session at your home. Your athlete's session will be free for your effort of gathering the group, and for hosting. ALSO! You'll receive a bonus of 10% of any preorders participants make.

Powder mini sessions are $199 per participant, and include three 5-minute jumps, one piano box print, plus 3 watermarked digital image files to share on social media. All participants will also receive 10% off of their preorder purchases.

Contact me today for more information, as well as for requirements!

Solo Powder Sessions

Don't want to go through the effort of gathering a group, or do you prefer to have your session be a private one? I offer solo sessions as well! Solo trampoline sessions are $799, and include supplies, one hour of jump time, and the inclusions of my powder minis (one piano box print, 3 watermarked digital image files, and 10% off of preordered products).

Up to two participants can jump for solo sessions, however, they must be part of the same family. Additional participants are $149 (family) / $199 (non-family). Additional time is $799/hour.

Free print and watermarked images are included per participant.

Powder FAQ

My athlete signed a no trampoline clause with their gym/studio. Are there other options for powder?

Are powder sessions indoor or outdoor?

We are not from Chicago. Do you travel?

What clothing and hairstyle should we prepare for?

Do our three turns happen consecutively, or do we take turns?

Powder FAQ

My athlete signed a no trampoline clause with their gym/studio. Are there other options for powder?

YES! We can arrange to create a non-trampoline powder option. Contact me for details.

Are powder sessions indoor or outdoor?

They are outdoor, and held in the evening. Because of this, we are at the mercy of the weather. Powder sessions are also only available during warmer months here in Chicago, typically from May to early October.

We are not from Chicago. Do you travel?

I do! Please contact me for more information on this!

What clothing and hairstyle should we prepare for?

• I recommend bringing three different leos / clothing changes with you to your powder session.
• Avoid busy prints on your clothing, unless your athlete has a particular love for the print.
• Arrive with hair down for the first jump, and plan on an updo as we go on (unless updo is preferred by your athlete)
• Be prepared for lots of powder coming with you in your car, and come equipped with plastic (like an opened garbage bag), towels, etc
• Bring your grips, pointe shoes, tutus, and more. If you're not sure, just ask! I live by the motto of more is more.

Do our three turns happen consecutively, or do we take turns?

Powder sessions are in the round (I.e. you'll take turns). This allows for participants to encourage and inspire one another, and also for everyone to rest between turns, and to change looks.

Plan for a late night, as these sessions usually end no earlier than 11pm.

For those staying until the end, you'll receive a 90 second bonus jump. Choose to jump solo or with a friend (or two!)

Photo Products

Capturing and viewing the images we create together is only half of the art. Finish and enjoy what we have created with wall art and prints that you will enjoy for a lifetime!

Photo Products

Canvas Prints

Acrylic Prints

Fine Art Print

Italian Books

Piano Box

and piano box prints

Digital Archiving

For my complete movement price guide, please contact me.

Studios and Gyms

I offer a partnering program, and would love to talk to you about how we can work together.

You'll receive a percentage of sales, complimentary portraits of your instructors/coaches, photos of your facility, digital images for you to display on your website and social media accounts, plus complimentary prints for your studio or gym walls!

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