About Me

from maxing out my credit cards to earning an Emmy Award • silly, fun and a flare for the dramatic; this is me!

I LOVE photography. It is not only my life's work, but my passion. I began in 2006 when I maxed out my credit card to buy two cameras, a flash and two lenses. I was HORRIBLE when I began, but I was determined to be among the best. My photographic education came after graduating college for broadcast journalism and documentary film production. To make a long story short, I worked as a helicopter cameraperson for ABC, NBC, Fox and WGN in Chicago. After 7 years of flying, I retired from the news, earned an Emmy Award with WGN months after retiring, and made the scary leap to go full time in photography.

Every year, I make a point to study with at least one photographer in person, as well as to take multiple continued education courses online. I am obsessed with learning. I also LOVE teaching others what I know! I am constantly exploring different avenues of the photographic world, though I especially love commercial and movement photography (dance, gymnastics, and athletics).

I am VERY outgoing, though sometimes serious. I always want to have fun in any situation I find myself in, especially photoshoots. I am genuine ('fake' makes me itchy), and give everything I have to the people whom I love and who love me. I LOVE meeting new people, and love getting the opportunity to treat them the way that I treat my family. When I'm not behind the camera, I am probably pursuing a "reboot" to my former life as a gymnast (yes! Adults can do gymnastics, too!), hanging out with my husband and our pup, Dexter, or spending time with my family and close friends. I love cooking, exploring wines, playing classical piano, attending theater and music performances (and of course a solid rock concert), arts and crafts, and being athletically active. My family is my EVERYTHING. And my photo family is an extension of my family. I am so dang lucky!