Wedding Album Designs

Wedding Album Designs

The most important responsibility that I have is to capture your wedding memories as beautifully as possible. What you may not know, however, is that I am always thinking about your wedding book when I am creating with you. My goal is for the pages of your book to tell a story through your images, and to not simply be a scrapbook of portraits and moments. I want you to relive your wedding day, and to feel the emotions, hear the laughter, and remember the moments over and over again every time you look at your book.This is your very own one-of-a-kind piece of art. This is your heirloom to enjoy for a lifetime. This is your heirloom to pass down to generations to come.

Sample Designs

Here are a few album designs from real couples' wedding days!

Katie & Jared

Vicki & Justin

Devon & Ryan

Vivian & Tom

Nicole & Mike

Steps of the Design Process

To best tell the story of your wedding day, remember that less is more. Rather than cramming as many photos as possible into your book, my goal is to show you how to choose the best ones that evoke emotions and memories. A good rule of thumb is to choose between 1 and a maximum of 7 images per spread (two pages). Collections include 20, 30 and 40 pages, respectively. While you certainly can opt to design your book with the included amount of pages in your collection, most of my clients' final book designs end up being 50-55 pages in length or more.

Step 1: Amy creates and shares your starting point design

I will create a design of your day for you to view as your starting point. I've studied under many incredible photographers and designers to learn how to choose and arrange photo from your wedding that will highlight the emotion and memories of your day. My goal is for you to remember your day as though it just happened each time you find yourself turning the pages of your album.

Most starting point designs are around 60-70 pages.

Step 2: You review your design and make notes

60-70 pages is rather overwhelming, especially since most of my clients' collections include 30 pages. Please don't fret! This is all part of the process.

Once you receive your starting point design, it's your turn to do a bit of homework. What you'll do is write detailed notes on which photos you'd like to swap with other photos that you prefer, which photos you'd prefer to omit from the book completely, and which photos you'd like to add that were not included in the original design. You'll also want to make sure to take notes on which pages you can live without being in your book.

When making notes, remember to ask yourself if you'll regret not making the investment before you omit pages or images from the design. Remember, not every photo of your day will be in this book. Your album is the story of the two of you, and the key moments of your day. Creating small prints are a great way of preserving memories that are not included in your album

Step 3: Schedule our online skype appointment

Our skype appointment will be to finalize your design together. We will make all of the changes that you have noted in your homework together, and create a final album design that best tells the story of your day. 2 hours of design time is included in every collection. If you need more time, there is an hourly fee thereafter. You'll receive all of the details before we jump into designing, so don't worry about remembering this just yet. To ensure that we are productive, your design must be approved at the end of our skype meeting, so please be prepared to start and finish the design process at our Skype meeting.

Step 4: Choosing your materials / fabrics

While I do have the ability to share fabrics and a 3D preview with you online, you may feel more comfortable meeting with me in person to see and touch fabric/material swatches. This is absolutely included in your design fee - I'll even treat you to a beverage when we get together! We'll talk about this while on Skype together.

Step 5: Order and receive your book!

You'll receive an invoice for any additional pages you choose to add on to your design, along with any ultra custom requests that you make right after we finish choosing your fabrics - virtually all customizations are included at no additional costs, with the exception of a handful of premium options. Once your invoice has been paid in full, your book will be sent into production in Italy!

Albums take about 6-8 weeks in production. Once it arrives, we'll make arrangements together on how you would like to get your book to its forever home.

Parent Albums

Parent albums make wonderful gifts! The majority of my clients who choose to gift parent albums love the shadowbox book, which comes as the main book of my Archive collection. Parent albums include 20 pages as a starting point. We'll need to again go through the design process, however, parent book designs are handled a little bit differently. I'll have more information on this process per request.