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Wedding Cinematography

Wedding Cinematography and video by True Shot Studios

The talented team of cinematographers from True Shot Studios and I have partnered up to offer special collections that include both high end wedding photography and cinematography coverage of your special day. 

What exactly is the difference between wedding cinematography and videography? Well, videography is simply the documentation of motion in video format. Typically, this involves a one person team, and one or more cameras. Cinematography is the process of creating a film... but there's much more to it than that. With cinematography, you have a crew of people capturing video, and doing so using tools such as dollies, jibs, trucks, and even drones. Cinematography also takes one additional step above videography and adds the art of lighting and sound production to your wedding film for a more polished and luxury capturing of your memories.

The team from True shot are some of the most talented, professional, and fun folks in the business. Working together with them is a guarantee that my creativity is at its fullest, and a smile is always on my face (they're really a lot of fun to spend a day with!!)

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