The Black Label Experience


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Black Label Investment

Black Label is an extremely custom experience. We start at our foundation price point, and simply build on to your experience based on what you would like to create, and where in the world you would like to make this happen. If you envision you and yours walking with camels in the middle of the desert in your wedding attire, adorned with flowers, we'll make it happen. If you want to create a full set that looks surreal and seemingly straight out of Hollywood, we will make it happen. If you prefer simple yet high fashion images, we will make that happen, too! You are limited only by your imagination and how extravagant you'd like your custom collection to total.

Your experience includes optional use of one of my fashion stylists, credit toward hair and makeup services, and a full team to help bring our collaborative vision to life. The experience also includes an exclusive to Black Label luxury black box to house your USB of images, as well as a small collection of luxe style prints. Each collection also includes a hand crafted in Italy book in a style exclusive to my Black Label clients. Together with my album provider, we can even make your book completely one of a kind.

Every element of Black Label is completely custom created for you and your vision.