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To schedule your photo session or meeting with me, please visit my calendar page below. Please do NOT make an appointment unless you have had a conversation with me first, and I have given you the green light to be on this page. I want to make sure that you are familiar with the way my studio process works, and also need to create your client file.

Studio Disclaimer: Before you sign up for any photo session, PLEASE get acquainted with my studio pricing structure. I am a full service studio, and only want my clients to have the best quality prints, wall art and books. To ensure this, I only allow prints to be created on photo paper up to an 8x10 in size with the purchase of the proper digital image file selection. Everything else must be ordered through my studio.

Here's a tiny bit more important information:

Mini Sessions

If you have not already paid for your session, please follow the link that appears once you have filled out the date reservation form. I will send a prompt for any unpaid session fees.

Please view my product guides here:


Family and Individual:


Consultations and Misc. Meetings

Because I truly value you my family and personal time, please note that evening appointments (after 5pm) and certain weekend appointments, will incur a $75 fee, and will need to be scheduled with me directly. Meetings taking place in a location other than pre-approved locations will also incur a $75 meeting fee. If you are a client with a very special circumstance, these fees may be subject to being waved entirely - simply chat with me about your situation!

Appointment / Session Confirmation

Technology is great... except for when it's not. I will follow up with you should any conflict arise in the scheduling process, and will give you a call to schedule a new time/date.