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Q: Choosing a wedding photographer is overwhelming! What makes you different?

A: There are two things that I find to be most important in working with my clients: making sure the overall experience together is extra special, and creating images with as much artistic integrity as possible. 

   I want my clients and I to get to know one another and to create a relationship before the wedding. In over 10 years of photography, I have found that when my clients are comfortable with me, their personalities shine in the photos. Getting to know one another also creates a more comfortable experience so that this process is fun and memorable, rather than feeling like an awkward chore. Throughout the process together, I LOVE spoiling my clients!

   When I create, I am capable of creating any style out there, not just a single style. Together with my clients, we create exactly what you envision your photography to look like. Do you prefer light and airy? You got it! Dramatic and artistic? I love you forever for that! High fashion and commercial style? Oh we are going to be great friends! 

   I shine in capturing images that are artistic and dramatic, as well as fashion editorial style. I use all kinds of different lighting, including flashes/strobes, video lights, reflectors, and even flashlights. I love mixing up styles to include plenty of natural light images, too. With my photography background, we can create images that are simple and classic, artistic and dramatic, high fashion, or super fine art and surreal (ask me more about this style - I'd LOVE to show you more!). We are only limited by your imagination!

Q: Did you really win an Emmy? As in a REAL Emmy?

A: YES! I couldn't be more grateful to my friends at WGN for the opportunity to have been awarded with such a great honor!

Q: How many weddings do you capture in a year?  

A: Because I want to offer my clients as much of my time as I am able, I limit the number of weddings I will contract to a range of 10-12 per season. 

Q: Do your wedding collections come with the digitals and a copyright release? 

A: Ladies, would you wear a Vera Wang wedding gown with a pair of heels from Wal-mart? Or men, would you take a Maserati to a gas station car wash? In either case, it is extremely unlikely. With my studio, I want to be sure that my images are printed the same way they appear after I have artistically finished them. I am truly proud of the photographic products that I offer, and have chosen them extremely carefully to ensure that your heirloom items last you and your family a lifetime. I also feel it is incredibly important that your heirloom prints and books represent the quality standards that represent my studio. My wedding clients and their guests receive exclusive pricing for a limited time following their wedding as a thank you for trusting my philosophy on quality.

   All of my collections come with digital images from your wedding day, and also include a copyright release that allow you to make archival sized prints (up to 8x10) on photographic paper only. Because of quality and artistic integrity, this copyright release does not include wall art (canvases and other large format mediums), albums, or prints larger than 8x10.

Q: Do you offer shower or rehearsal dinner coverage?  

A: I personally no longer capture these events, however, one of my associate photographers can be hired through my studio for this service.

Q: What kind of camera do you use?   

A: I am a Nikon photographer. While I LOVE Nikon, I want to express that a camera is merely a tool to capture moments. It's the lighting, composition, and post production that make a photographer's work what it is.

Q: How do we decide where to have our photos taken?

A: This is one of the many things we will work together on throughout our time collaborating together! I have a lot of suggestions, and am more than happy to help you along the way to make the photo aspect of your big day as stress free as I can.

Q: How much time should we plan for in taking photos on our wedding day?

A: When clients choose to work with me, they are choosing so because of the artistic creation involved. Because of this, I need as much time as you'll allow for me to have. I recommend an average of 2-3 hours to allow for portraits of you and yours, bridal party, and reasonable travel. Please allow for at least 20-30 minutes for posed family portraits in addition. This time will make sure that we aren't rushed, and will also allow for you to take breaks, freshen up, and prep for the remainder of your big day.

Q: We are very traditional, and don't want to see each other before the ceremony. Is this a problem with our day of timeline?

A: I highly encourage all of my couples to bypass tradition, however, have found that with plenty of time between ceremony and reception, we can keep tradition intact. In cases where the wedding and reception take place in the same location, I have never been able to create to our fullest potential due to extreme time restrictions (an average of 20 minutes, leaving me with no choice but to rely only on available light). Because of this, I now require (with some exceptions) a first look from all of my couples with their ceremony and reception in the same location.

Q: Our parents want to take traditional group shots. Is this something you do?

A: Even though I am not a traditional photographer, I always make it a point to capture traditional family portraits. I would love to encourage that we take an updated approach on traditional, and make things a bit more contemporary as far as the posing and location choice goes.

Q: How long will we have to wait until we receive our images?  

A: Quality work takes time, though I understand that as a society, we expect a fast turn around. The week following the wedding, I create teaser images for social media, as well as for your thank you cards. I always ask my clients for 90 days to prepare your wedding day image collection, but in most cases am able to deliver them earlier.

Q: How many images will we get?  

A: I believe it is my job to make the photographic process as simple as I can for my clients. I will do what is call culling (sorting through the photos and choosing only the best of) in order to select only the best of images. This process eliminates unflattering captures, photographically unsound images, as well as any duplicate captures. Most of my clients choose a two photographer collection with an average of 9 hours of coverage, and can expect an estimated 700-900 final retouched images.

Q: Can I see and/or have the images that were not chosen for my final collection?

A: So much of my job is what is actually done to the photographs after they are captured. Because of this, I do not allow my clients to view or obtain unfinished images - think of it like an outfit without the pants. If ever my clients feel something was captured and not included, I am happy to go back and see if by accident I omitted images.

I know that there are many more questions to be answered, so please feel free to reach out!