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The Portrait Experience

About the Portrait Experience

When we create together, it is my hope that we are doing so not only to archive your beautiful memories, but also to showcase them for all to see.

Session Booking and Conceptualizing

When we create together, we will begin by planning what you are hoping to create. Your session can be a simple and classic session, or it can be fully editorial with a complete styling process. We are limited only by your vision!

Because I encourage each of my clients to be unique, I have become an on location photographer. When I had a studio, I found that our creativity was limited, and personalities were much more difficult to capture, especially with my little clients. Together, we will brainstorm ideas for locations for your session. 

What to Wear

Choosing your wardrobe is often the most difficult part of your session. While I am more than happy to help you with this process, I do encourage you to consider using one of my preferred personal stylists! Their service can really transform your photo shoot, and is, in my opinion, a must have part of your experience.

Hair and Makeup

This is something often overlooked for portrait sessions, but I would love to take the time to begin encouraging each of you (men, too) to consider hiring a professional makeup artist for your session. Your images are going to be treasured by your family for generations.

I have worked with many artists over the years, and want to make sure that each of you are aware of the difference in quality from simply having your hair and makeup done at a makeup counter vs a commercially experienced professional. Yes, the cost is oftentimes significantly more, but please trust me in that you really get what you pay for in both artistry and the beauty products these artists use. I promise that you will look your absolute best for these photos. My preferred professional hair and makeup artists will make you look flawless, but will also keep in mind your preference of looking natural or glam.


Basic - Basic sessions (named for the lighting style) typically take about an hour or so, but I sometimes extend a little longer. We will together decide when we feel that we have created plenty of options for you and your family to choose from in your purchasing session. 

Editorial - Editorial sessions (ones with full commercial lighting) are much more extensive and can take anywhere from 3 hours to a full day, depending on your vision. Much of this time is for setup and to create variations for you as we go. They are definitely a longer and somewhat tiring experience, but these shoots will make you and your family look as though you came straight out of the pages of a magazine. 

Newborn - Newborn sessions are extra special sessions that require lots of patience. Typically, newborn sessions take 3-4 hours of our time. Most of this time is spent comforting, feeding and changing baby. Newborn sessions always take place at your home to make sure that all of the comforts and supplies you need are at hand. These sessions also include complimentary use of my collection of props, backgrounds and floors.

Please remember that session fees are separate from items you will purchase. Session fees cover use of my equipment, travel, and my time spent creating together as well as editing time following our shoot. When we talk about your session, you will have the option to pre-purchase items from your session at a special collection rate.

Purchasing Sessions

This is the one time you'll receive an exclusive 10% discount on anything you purchase. By offering this one day incentive, I hope to encourage each of you to finalize the decision making process as quickly as possible. Oftentimes I have found that when we put off purchasing, our creations stay on a hard drive. Let's make sure to showcase your memories!

Because of my busy weekend schedule with weddings and portrait sessions, purchasing sessions are only available on weekdays during business hours (9am-5pm, Tue/Thur/Fri). For those needing an evening session, I reserve certain Monday and Wednesday evenings a month from 5-10pm. There is a fee for evening sessions simply to ensure that those who truly need them receive first priority. This fee is reimbursed to you in the form of credit toward your purchase.

While I do not have an ordering minimum, most of my clients invest an average of $1,500 on their sessions - less than what it would cost to buy a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop everyday throughout a year.


Your prints, wall art, and books will be ready in a matter of weeks! I will notify you once everything is ready for pick up, and schedule your time to stop by my home office for pick up. I also offer insured and tracked delivery via UPS for a convenience + shipping fee. Some orders will qualify for complimentary personal delivery by either myself or one of my team members.


I want to see you again! I also want to meet your friends and people you love, and have the chance to create with them. My rewards program will give you the opportunity to earn free photo sessions, prints, and more! I'll have more information about my rewards program for you when we talk about your session!