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I'm so excited that you're interested in learning more about creating together with me on your wedding day. I AM going to give you a call once I've received your request, as I believe in very quickly introducing personalities to one another. I can promise you that our chat will be friendly, no-pressure, and will hopefully be a great guide for you in knowing what to expect in your search for a wedding photographer.

Hopefully that search ends with me!

If you're contacting me at the end of the week or during a weekend, please keep in mind that I may be out creating. I PROMISE to get back to you no later than the Tuesday following the weekend, as I take Mondays off to rest.

Again, the best way to reach out is to simply call me.

Looking forward to working together!


P.S. Please note that my email address oftentimes triggers spam alerts, so please (especially gmail users) update your permissions to allow for my email address to be directed to your inbox - my email is listed below).

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